Family at Versailles

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Marion may have been part of the panel of visitors questioned in 1981 during a survey designed to gain a better understanding of the Palace’s visitors. Individual visits accounted for 75% of all visits, compared with 25% in groups; 65% of visitors were foreigners, notably Europeans (41%), and 60% were visiting Versailles for the first time. For 33%, the visit lasted between half an hour and one and a half hours, but 12% spent more than four hours in the Palace and the park.

Personal story

This picture comes from another family visit in 1981. My father took the picture as we all posed: my uncle Antoine, my mother Claude, my brother and sister, Paul and Camille, and me. All three of us were dressed in the same way, it was our Sunday best.

I often look at these photo albums. I don’t have a precise memory of everything. With the photographs, you feel like you remember


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