December 2005

Angelo at the Petit Trianon

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Personal story

After a first visit in the snow, my wife, Margherita, and I decided to come back a few days later to visit the Palace gardens. Our passion for the Palace and the life of Marie-Antoinette has grown since we began taking part in costumed historical reconstitutions from the second half of the 18th century. So we didn’t come to the Petit Trianon by chance, it was Queen Marie-Antoinette’s most intimate space. We also went to the basilica of the Kings of France in Saint-Denis to place a rose on the Queen’s tomb. We had to do it, I felt like I was reliving a scene from a past life.

Our dream is to come to Versailles for a visit in historical costumes. Late on we’ll come back with our two daughters to explain to them why the Palace is so important to us.


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