April 1987

Marie-Anne and Jérémie Le Guillou in the park

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Personal story

On this picture, I’m one year old, with my Mom, and it’s most probably my first steps in the Park.

Between school trips to Marie-Antoinette’s farm, cub-scout activities, whole afternoons feeding sheeps, ducks and fishs (we believed that most of the fish in the pond were goldfishs which the « Versaillais » had gotten rid of summer after summer), my 8th year birthday, the statues which would stir up my interest for greek mythology or the weekly noise of the Grandes Eaux fireworks, the park left its mark on my childhood.

Back from China, I switched to bike and went wherever possible in the park. There I tried to study for my baccalauréat (mostly partied there after it) and my competitive exams, I had lots of talks with friends walking around the Grand Canal and I failed to get the perfect tan for summer.

Strangely, I have only few memories of the Palace in itself. I don’t have the same intimate link with it that the one I have with the park.

Now it’s almost my job to create this link.


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