Alain at the Arc de Triumph Grove

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Personal story

I posed in front of the statue of France Triumphant. At that age, I loved to hide behind the statue, which was hollow. The fountain was dry in this photo, but it has now been restored and water flows again.

I often came to play in the park because my whole family was living at the Hôtel de la Pompadour, which was right next door. My father was the chauffeur for Jules Moch, Minister of the Interior during the 3rd Republic.

To get to school I walked past La Bruyère’s house, I went to catechism in Turenne’s house and I lived in Madame de Pompadour’s house. That is where I picked up my passion for history and notably for the Palace of Versailles. When we moved I still kept coming back, it took me two hours to come from Enghien-les-Bains on my moped. I came to see the restorations and to follow the guided tours.

As I know the history of the Palace very well, I can purchase many related objects and documents at flea markets or on line. I often donate them to the Palace of Versailles, I’m one of its sponsors.


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